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Advanced SMS Platform (ASMSP) in Network Marketing Intistele


Advanced SMS Platform (ASMSP) in Network Marketing Intistele

Network marketing is a form of business that involves distributors who retail for the purpose of attracting new customers. Many people understand that MLM has a tree-like structure, at the top of which is the leader, the rest of the branches are consultants. The most effective way to increase sales is to implement SMS aggregator software from IntisTele. Why? And all because SMS-mailing does not require the user's phone to be connected to the network, it is a short message, which they will definitely get acquainted with.

The roots of network marketing

The founder of network marketing is Karl Rehnborg, who began selling nutritional supplements in 1927. To begin with, he gave out groceries to his friends for free, but no one used them. Then Rehnborg started accepting payments for his goods and that's it. In addition, he paid for the services of friends who advertised and advised others about his nutritional supplements. This is how network marketing was born.


Consider the real benefits of online network marketing:


  • Your earnings are unlimited. However, if only your personal qualities, character and desire to make money get the best of you. This, among other things, allows the motivated person to constantly make a profit. You only need to develop your public speaking skills. Companies conduct trainings specifically for beginners.
  • You get financial freedom. This does not mean that working in network marketing will not only save you from the crisis, but rather give you freedom and independence from your employer, parents, etc. Find out what you are capable of and earn as much as possible at this moment. In the future, you will expand your circle of clients and increase your cash flows accordingly.
  • You can start your own business. These lovable slogans can be heard from anyone on the web. There is a deal of truth in it. With the right work and diligence, you can build your team and build a business model in a year. This does not require too much investment.
  • You will make new friends and like-minded people. It is profitable for networkers to train their clients. In fact, they may become the same distributors in the future. The latter also do not go unnoticed and offer to improve their qualifications. This training system brings people together and creates healthy competition. If you are a beginner, managers who have already achieved success are ready to help you. The team often has a friendly atmosphere.


That is why messaging is something to look out for in the 21st century.

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