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Single-mode fiber


Single-mode fiber:

Optical fiber whose diameter of the core is less than approximately ten times the wavelength of the light which is propagating is not possible to model with the help of geometric optics. Instead of this, it should be analyzed as an electromagnetic waveguide structure, by the solution of Maxwell’s equation which is further reduced to the electromagnetic wave equation. The analysis of electromagnetic can also be used in order to understand the behaviors for example speckle which takes place when coherent light travels through the multi-mode fiber. As an optical waveguide, the optical fiber contains one or more than one confined mode which can be used for the propagation of light along with the fiber. Many precision optics manufacturers and custom optical prism manufacturer manufactures optics and lenses with the help of precision lenses. Optical fibers which support only one mode are known as mono-mode or single-mode fiber. The behavior of large-core multimode fibers can also be modeled using the wave equation, which shows that such fibers support more than one mode of propagation (which is the reason behind its name).

The results of such modeling of multi-mode fibers almost agree with the predictions of geometric optics, if the fiber core is large enough to support more than a few modes. Waveguide analysis shows that the light energy in the fiber is not entirely confined to the core. Instead, especially in single-mode fibers, a significant fraction of the energy in the bound mode travels as a refracting wave across the cladding.

One of the most common types of single-mode fiber is made up of core whose diameter is approximately 8-10 micrometers and it is designed to use in the near-infrared. The structure of the model depends on the wavelength of the light which is being used, therefore this fiber actually supports a small number of additional modes at wavelengths which is visible. In comparison to single-mode fiber, multi-mode fiber is manufactured with a core that has a diameter as small as 50 micrometers and it can go up to hundreds of micrometers. The first zero of the Bessel function whose value is approximately 2.405 is greater than the normalized frequency V of this optical fiber.

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