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What is TN Visa?


As part of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, the TN visa is a specific categorization for citizens of Canada and Mexico (USMCA). On July 1, 2020, the USMCA will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). A tn visa independent contractor explains about TN Visa

TN Visa Requirements

Citizens of Mexico and Canada can apply for a TN visa and work in the United States if they work in one of the following fields: Accountant, Engineer, Scientist, Medical/healthcare professional, Lawyer, Architect, Economist, Computer systems analyst and many more

How long does TN Visa Last?

The first stay in the United States for TN visa holders is three years. After that time, holders of TN visas can apply for limitless renewals in three-year increments. As a result, the length of stay varies. If the temporary nature of the assignment changes, TN visa holders should contact their attorney. People living in Houstan should not miss the best immigration attorney houston, Adan Vega

TN Visa Application Fees

The following are the TN visa fees:

  • Fee for filing a visa application at a US Embassy or Consulate Abroad: $160
  • Fee for submitting a petition with the USCIS: $460 (only required if the foreign national is in the United States and switching from another visa status to a TN visa). In this uncommon circumstance, only USCIS clearance is required for TN visas).
  • Employers can pay the $2,500 premium processing cost when it becomes available, and the TN petition will be adjudicated by USCIS within 15 calendar days. This indicates that USCIS will either grant the visa petition, issue a request for evidence, or refuse it.
  • TN Visa Application Process for Canadians

    Canadians must take the whole TN petition packet, including any original documents required, to the Canada-US border or to a Canadian airport's Pre-Flight Inspection. The petition will next be reviewed by US immigration adjudicators, who will issue an I-94 card if it is authorized.

    TN Visa Application Process for Mexicans

    The TN visa application process for Mexican residents consists of several steps. Residents of Mexico must first make an appointment with the US Consulate in Mexico. They then go to that appointment and take the whole TN petition packet to the US Consulate, including any original documents that are required. Mexican people who are looking for immigration in Texas do checkout abogados de inmigración en texas.

    The visa stamp is then issued by the US consulate, and the employee receives his or her stamped passport from the Consulate. Finally, the employee can go to the United States and obtain an I-94 card upon arrival.

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